6 August 2013

east side iz de best

H&M crop top, vintage shorts, Miss Selfridge bikini, Primark necklace (worn the reverse way round)

Traveled across to the East Coast of Singapore (which is pretty close from where we are staying anyway) for a little beach trip. Note to self; gorging yourself on a supersize Burger King meal does not leave you feeling too hot for shooting some photos straight after. Urrrghhhh food baby. On another note, I think I've worn this leopard print bikini for the last four holidays I've been on, I reckon that qualifies me to go out and buy another one for next year, don't you?

3 August 2013

sequin armour

Zara vest; Mango shorts; Jack Wills backpack
More from last week in Bangkok - dressing very inappropriately in this pretty embellished top from Zara, it's so heavy and delicate but I'm pretty sure it's the most beautiful vest I own. I have to refrain from wearing it too much though because obviously I have to hand wash it, and in this day and age? Ain't nobody got time for that.

2 August 2013

gold chainz

T opshop dress; H&M necklace

LBD'ing it up in Thailand
I love how versatile this dress is, I wore it all day with some gladiator sandals to the markets. Then added some red lippy and swapped my flats for some wedges and I was ready for the night. I may have to go and buy this dress in several more colours when I get back to England. How dope is this gold chain? I bought it at a bargain price of £3 in the sale! I've been searching for one of these for so long and now I finally have one I think I may have to incorporate it into every outfit I wear.

1 August 2013

bangkok tuk-tuk all of my money

I spent the last four days in Bangkok and I thought I'd share with you some of the things I bought....a cheeky chanel vest, charles worthington detangling spray because humidity and long hair is a disaster waiting to happen, my darling little wooden elephant (I'm still thinking up a name for him, suggestions anyone?) a unicorn shirt because who doesn't need one of those in their wardrobe?! Tea tree face moisturiser, coconut soap - it smells amazing and it's super good for your skin, I repaired my cracked iphone screen and decided to get one of those flip cases because i'm inevitably going to drop it again, lots and lots of fake eyelashes because they were 45p each and I always seem to loose one side...and finally my beautiful silver and turquoise ring. 

1 June 2013

june wish list

Roberto Cavalli//House of Holland//Forever 21
House of Hackney//Miss Selfridge//Topshop
MAC//Vivienne Westwood//American Apparel

volunteering in morocco


Guess where I have been for the last two weeks, Africa baby!
I signed up with Original Volunteers in January and booked my seat on a plane to Marrakesh, Morocco on the 15th to the 29th of May. It was completely spontaneous, I was living in a riad with more than ten strangers, I had no real idea of what I would be doing whilst I was there, it was my first ever trip abroad by myself. And it was honestly the most incredible thing I have ever ever done.

My arrival in Morocco was a bit dodgy, no one was there to pick me up. 
So there I was, a 'vulnerable' 18 year old girl completely clueless waiting around at an airport for over an hour which was a bit awkward...eventually my pre-booked taxi turned up and it was all dandy from then on.
A majority of my projects involved playing with young children in the surrounding areas, we visited orphanages, youth clubs, schools, and this restaurant where the owner gives street kids a safe place to hang out and watch television. 
We went to a baby orphanage where I saw the cutest babies and toddlers I have ever set eyes on, some of them had some form of disability (a few cases being particularly severe), but if anything, that made me want to sneak all of them home in my suitcase even more.
Feeding the homeless was definitely the most heart-wrenching experience of my trip, we all went out to buy bread, tomatoes, cheese, yogurts and sweets etc from the market and made lunch packs back at the riad. When we handed them out it was scary to see how desperate these people looked, and even worse to see the faces of those who did not receive anything when we ran out of food. The bit that really got to me was afterwards when we walked back to the riad, and all the people who had our lunch packs were waving and giving us a thumbs up and smiling. They looked so genuinely grateful, it was hard for me to believe how something so small and insignificant as a sandwich could mean so much to them. I may have welled up a bit.
On my days off I made several trips to the souks (markets), went quad biking on the beach, went to see the waterfalls, made a visit to the pool, stayed the night at a Berber house and learnt to make mint tea and tagine. 

Making the decision to volunteer in Morocco was the best decision I have made in my entire life. Doing this has taught me so much and I will never forget it, or any of the people I met whilst out there.

If any of you lovely readers are considering volunteering abroad, DO IT! 
There is no other holiday or vacation that can compare to doing something like this and I promise you will not regret it!